Hall of Shame


When I started developing software for the iPhone platform with its typically inexpensive apps, I thought software piracy would be less critical here. In fact it is like on every other platform. There are people around trying to make themselves interesting by cracking hard working people‘s apps and providing them on the net. Cracking apps is particularly easy, by far more easy than creating something reasonable. Crackers are no heros, they simply misbehave and follow in-mature pattern.

But crackers are only one side, the other side is made up from iPhone users who - despite extremely low prices on the AppStore and a great client review system - download pirated software to save some money.


Request for Contact

The following people contacted me - using a pirated version of LapTimer at this time. I replied in every situation and gave them a chance to legalize their software. They did not, either because they did not want, or because they did not get the message.

I will regularly update this list - it is made up from information the respective users provided by choice - not by investigating their devices.

Alain <arthuromoto72@hotmail.fr>

Motorshow <motorshow@yahoo.es>

Jerome Spangaro <spangui_1@hotmail.fr>

Crystal <crystalfung0810@yahoo.com.hk>

Assi <assim68@yahoo.fr>

Juan <campisoul@gmail.com>

Олег Батюков <ofius_oleg@yahoo.com>

Guilherme <guilherme@primemotorssp.com.br>

Enzo <enzomavi@live.it>

Souday Thomas <souday.thomas@hotmail.fr>

Matthew Zaccanti <m_zeek@yahoo.com>

Mushtaq <mushtaq-321@hotmail.com>

Jordi <jorjipe@hotmail.com>

Gianfranco Tortolani <gtortolani46@gmail.com>

Romain Vade <rvade@orange.fr>

James <kyApus@hotmail.com>

Erik Morillas Cuenca <erik_morillas111@hotmail.com>

Alfredo Frappola <frappola.alfredo@yahoo.it>

Rudi <rpesovic@aol.com>

Asier <chicharra__1@hotmail.com>

Galambos Péter <habosautokozmetika@gmail.com>

David <d.m.creatic@hotmail.com>

invistarz <invistarz@yahoo.com>

심재환 <shim11524@naver.com>

Edgar De A <deaulestia@hotmail.com>

Ltawisak <ltawisak@yahoo.com>

Raúl Sierra <raul@r-sierra.es>

Eric Lam <ericlam0216@hotmail.com>

Martinez Célia <martinez.cel@gmail.com>

Dario Cardinale <dario.cardinale92@gmail.com>

Raúl <el_pesca80@hotmail.com>

Patrix Hutasoit <patrixhutasoit@gmail.com>

Nickren <nickren196@gmail.com>

Diego <diegosofi@me.com>

Lorenzo Gargioni <lorenzo.gargioni@yahoo.com>

Carlos <calicosss@hotmail.com>

Cemal <muharremoglu1@hotmail.com>

Pedro <perisma2@hotmail.com>

Enzo <enzomavi@live.it>

Jesús Andres Costa Moraga <jesus.costa.m@gmail.com>

Agache Nicolas <paunico53@yahoo.fr>

Jesus Costa <jesus.costa.m@gmail.com>

Paul Wise <paul.wise1@sky.com>

Paco <serrra9@hotmail.com>

Chaipon <chaipon.c@cpf.co.th>

Franck Leblanc <f.leblanc72@gmail.com>

Info <info@gemininet.eu>

Jonatan Savoy <jonatansavoy@hotmail.com>

Jose Alfaro Temprado <hostelerias.tem@terra.es>

Jose Luis <joseores2009@hotmail.com>

Paul Wise <paul.wise1@sky.com>

Quique Bordas <qbordas@hotmail.com>

Yossi Shohat <yossish8@gmail.com>

장우혁 <jangwh22@naver.com>

Marco <m_lopezcepero@hotmail.com>

Yusri <yusri.yusop@gmail.com>

Pong <saturday_aha@hotmail.com>

Raúl <el_pesca80@hotmail.com>

Rafa <lambertidentaldesing@gmail.com>

Egle <egle.naruseviciene@gmail.com>

Vlade Trbovic <vlade.trbovic@cobra-riv.rs>

Lorenzo <lorenzogrifoni@gmail.com>

Sabirzhanov Vyacheslav <Vyacheslav.Sabirzhanov@softline.ru>

Manuel Jesús <mawuegp@gmail.com>

Jeremy Converset <g_rem.c@hotmail.fr>

Brizzi <maribri70@yahoo.it>

Abdelrhman El-shazly <aelshazly@gmail.com>

Juancho Eluchans <jmeluchans@hotmail.com>

Leo Panebianco <leo_panebianco@yahoo.it>

Artiom <artiom777@hotmail.es>

Gianfranco Tortolani <gtortolani46@gmail.com>

Mike Williams <mikehwilliams@hotmail.com>

Gianfranco Tortolani <gtortolani46@gmail.com>

turki--tmt <turki--tmt@hotmail.com>

José Arcos <j.arcosa@hotmail.com>

Junior <juniormotor7@yahoo.es>

Jon Bañuelos <jontxuhb@gmail.com>

Giulio Righes <giulio.righes@gmail.com>

Походун Владимир <pochodun@gmail.com>

robert chal <robertchal@hotmail.com>

Giuseppa Mazzini <GiuseppaMazzini@libero.it>

Kiss Mihály <mihalykiss1@gmail.com>

Abdel Ali <bahim12@hotmail.com>

alessio <giuseppamazzini@libero.it>

Julian Leonardo Galeano Rojas <jgaleano@diveo.net.co>

kevin silvis <duncannon6@hotmail.com>

Mimi <moustiq.meryem@gmail.com>

N N <n0505555570@hotmail.com>

Raja <laboraja@yahoo.fr>

Iker <ikerlee@hotmail.com>

Darren Neale <darrenneale912@msn.com>

Igor <igorbraga@yahoo.com>

Patrice <patricesavoldelli@gmail.com>

virginie <patatomiel@sfr.fr>

Siby <mbarkesiby@hotmail.com>

Luka Santa <lukasanta@yahoo.it>

Ale <alex5turbo@gmail.com>

Andrea Poloni <lupoitalico57@gmail.com>

Francisco Oliveira <oliveirapadu30@hotmail.com>

Julien <jujess59@orange.fr>

Paul Dupont <pauldupont64@gmail.com>

Salvo Forte <salvoforte@gmail.com>

Carlos <carlosmaxmundy@gmail.com>

Johannes Fissazion <nakfaw@yahoo.de>

Bujar Elshani <Bujar.Elshani@ipko.com>

Jose Vicente <josevtegomezperez@gmail.com>

Humberto <humberto.al71@gmail.com>

Karting <info@kartingclubpuebla.com>

Luis Miguel <miguelpuebla168@hotmail.com>

Fares Saad <fares.saad9@hotmail.com>

Christian Ziegler <christianziegler1@gmx.de>

Enzo <enzo21_ie@yahoo.it>

Allen <sti20062006@yahoo.com.tw>


Latif <sosdar_a@yahoo.com>

Siby <mbarkesiby@hotmail.com>

Theparadiseoftherod <theparadiseoftherod@gmail.com>